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after a severe pain fifa 18 coins

after a severe pain feeling behind a small Yan, fifa 18 coins by tinnitus. Because of the cold weather at the time, small Yan wearing thick down jacket into the hat hat, fifa 18 coins touched the head with the hand, the results found Bleeding. Small Rui Chen along direction, found the window just shake after the car began to roar. Small Rui hand dial 110, on fifa 18 coins other hand, call the ambulance. Xiao Yan was sent to the No.3 Hospital of Beijing University, doctors found, Vonnie after the occipital skull was scored luckily, the bullet fifa 18 coins, only half into the bones, no harm to the brain. The doctor for Vonnie shot part of the surgery, it will have the deformation of the bullet out. After the mut coins, degree of fifa 18 coins damage Vonnie for minor injuries. The bullet man charged with murder scare after the incident, the police will be summoned for questioning Chen, gun like to hold Chen fifa 18 coins identified. Identification conclusion, gun guns, bullets into the small Yan head for the 5.5 mm bullet cheap madden mobile coins. Chen said, the day of the incident at around 3 p.m., he drinks at a fifa 18 coins pot shop, a straight drink 5 point 4 0 minutes, and then drove to the small Rui in front of her work unit. “I just wanted to scare her, she doesn’t want her to go to work in the fifa 18 coins now.”

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